Scoill Vallajeelt

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On Friday 21st June, Scoill Vallajeelt took part in the Cricket Festival. It was a lovely morning which showcased some brilliant cricket, especially from the Scoill Vallajeelt team.

Our first game was against a very strong St. Mary’s team, with some very good bowling and fielding we held them to 147 runs. When it was our turn to bat, you could tell we were a little bit nervous. However, our confidence grew throughout the game and we finished on 151 runs, beating St. Mary’s by 4 runs.

Our second game was against Scoill yn Jubilee where our fielding was lovely to watch. Some of the bowling made it hard for Jubilee to hit the ball and when they did, we caught a few out. Jubilee finished on 116 runs. We then batted extremely well again finishing on 152 runs, winning by 36 runs.

After our two games, teams were ranked from 1st-8th to play in a play-off match. We were ranked in 3rd, missing out on the 1st place play-off by only 4 runs! This meant we were playing in the 3rd place play off and resulted in us playing against St. Marys’ again.

St.Mary’s came out really strong and finished their batting on 143 runs, however their fielding was even more impressive this time round. Their bowling was very precise, catching us out with a number of wickets, and this really lowered our confidence. However, in true Vallajeelt style, we never gave up. We fought hard and finished on 126 runs, losing by 17 runs but finishing in a very impressive 4th place.

Thank you to all the parents on the day, cheering all the children on and well done to all who took part.