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Welcome to Y2 Class Page

Week beginning 9th May 2022

One of our favourite activities this week was Speed Genre Drop In. Miss B chose a genre and we had two minutes to improve a basic sentence to make it fit in. We had to choose exciting vocabulary and we were allowed to add or change any of the words. We shared our sentences with the class and got some great ideas for our own writing.



Week beginning 2nd May 2022

We’ve packed a lot into our short week in Year 2.

We’ve learnt our focus text “The Dark” by Lemony Snickett of by heart now and we’re looking forward to welcoming the two main characters into class next week to get to know them a bit more


We’ve written questions in preparation for their visit.


708_708_b363a14dd1c7e10963cef7eacf02e05f.jpg?m=1651842028We loved developing our cricket skills with Sally the coach and worked hard on our drumming skills in our music workshop.




And of course, we ended the week on a victorious note! Year 2 are the winners of the Vallajeelt Eurovision 2022 and very well deserved! YEAR 2 ROCK!


Week beginning Monday 4th April 2022This week in Year 2 we made some Easter Bunnies out of paper strips. It was a tricky challenge and we’re very pleased with how they turned out. Each one is different, just like us!



We also made some Easter landscapes using different kinds of paper.


One of us even won an Easter egg at the raffle!


Week beginning Monday 28th March 2022

In maths we have been finding fractions of amounts. We’ve looked at halves, quarters and thirds.


In English we have use a story starter and music to inspire us to write about settings. We imagined stepping through a portal (“The Tunnel”) and what we might see when we got through. We explored the effects of different styles of music on our imaginations.


Week beginning 7th March 2022

As part of our guided reading lesson, each child is asked to photograph something from the week that they’d like to share. Then they write a sentence about their chosen photo. Some of the photos and some of the sentences will be used on the Friday update.

We have completed our Hot Task in Writing. We wrote fact-files about our pets.

Here is Ruby's!!


We have made some exploratory sketches for out planned pet portraits in the style of George Rodrigue.