Scoill Vallajeelt

"We are a learning community, working together to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment.
 Our learning journey will be creative, challenging and personalised...
 to be the best we can."

His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor Sir John Lorimer, visited our school in March 2023 and offered to host a visit for a class at his home at Government House.
Y4 took up this kind offer on Monday 17th July and went to visit His Excellency-oh, and took Mr. George and Mr. Molyneux too!

After a tour of the house and also the grounds, the children had some refreshments in the drawing room and then we sprang a surprise on Mr. George!

Mr. George, Deputy Headteacher and Y4 teacher at Scoill Vallajeelt, will be retiring in July this year after 33 years of teaching on the Isle of Man-22 of them being at Scoill Vallajeelt! We had organised with His Excellency that Mr. George's retirement could be marked with this special visit and also for His Excellency to present Mr. George with a gift on behalf of the staff and children at Scoill Vallajeelt. Mr. George was truly surprised and thrilled to hear kind words from his Excellency and to receive his gift of a painting by local artist Kate Summerville.

Thank you to everyone at Government House for helping us surprise Mr. George!!