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On Tuesday the 15th November our Badminton team went to the NSC to take part in the 2022 Primary School’s Badminton Festival. Most of the Islands schools were in attendance for what was a very busy and bustling afternoon of Badminton.
We were grouped in Pool 2 with St. Mary’s, Ballacottier, and Cronk-y-Berry. Each point was crucial to getting into the finals play-offs, irrespective of whether we won or lost. Against St Mary’s Missiles we won 3 out of 4 of our games, all of which were quite close, only dropping 5 points which was a valiant start. By this time our team were familiar with the rules and the umpiring so they were more confident in playing their opponents. In our next game against Ballacottier Bashers, our no1 players had 2 convincing wins and our no2 players managed some more nail-biting finishes. We came away with 4 out to 4 wins, with a maximum 40 points. Our final pool games were against Cronk-y-Berry B team. Here we had some very convincing wins, with only one game being close. We won 4 from 4, with maximum points again.
With such a good performance in our pool, (scoring 115 out of a possible 120 points) we came out first, and were therefore put in the ‘No 1 playoffs pool’ against all the other best school teams. These were St. Mary’s Marvels, Ballacottier Bandits, Ashley Hill and Cronk-y-Berry C. These were much tougher games, but our players did a wonderful job against some very strong opposition.
Against St Mary’s Marvels, we lost 4-0, with a close game or two, but managed to get 23 points. Against Ballacottier Bandits, we lost 3-1, but managed to get 25 points.
Against Ashley Hill we found our rhythm a bit more and won fairly convincingly 3-1, picking up 38 points. Our final games were against Cronk-y-Berry C, which we lost 3-1, but picked up another 24 points. In our play-offs we won a 110 out of a possible 160 points. This score took us to being 4th overall, which is the best result we have achieved in many a year.
All our players had worked so hard in their preparation for the competition and a big thank you to all of them and to Mrs Domingo who runs the after school club. A special mention must go to Nikita, Naomi and Breeshey who offered to play in order that we could enter a school team even though they weren’t regular players.
As always the support from parents was excellent and I’m sure they found it as enjoyable and nail- biting as I did. Such a great performance bodes well for next year’s entry. Well done all.