Scoill Vallajeelt

"We are a learning community, working together to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment.
 Our learning journey will be creative, challenging and personalised...
 to be the best we can."

On Monday 2nd October, Rock Kidz came to Meadow Campus to fire us up with singing, dancing and rocking to some banging tunes! It was not a 'sit and watch' concert but more of a 'get up and join in' performance. The children were singing along to songs that gave inspiration about what to do when things get tough, how to be resilient and feeling positive about yourself.

To really get into the mood, the children came dressed as rock stars! We had some AMAZING costumes, make up and accessories and I felt we had our very own Glastonbury for the day. The atmosphere in the sports hall was truly electric and the children had a brilliant time. A number of children went to Miss Lyon straight after the performance to ask if we could book Rock Kidz for next year-a true accolade!

Thank you to the Friends of Scoill Vallajeelt who donate money to the school each year so we can provide experience like this for our children.

Also 'hat off' to all our inventive and creative parents and carers who made sure the children looked the part.