Scoill Vallajeelt

"We are a learning community, working together to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment.
 Our learning journey will be creative, challenging and personalised...
 to be the best we can."

Our School Vision

We are a learning community, working together to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment. Our learning journey will be creative, challenging and personalised, to be the best we can be.

Our school family is built upon a foundation of mutual trust, honesty and fairness.

We listen and communicate with each other and with every child in our school. We treat each other with fairness, love and care which helps us all to flourish. We accept and celebrate our differences and value each other’s ideas and viewpoints. Children and teachers are encouraged to express their individuality and be creative even if it means making a mess.

Life and lessons at Scoill Vallajeelt are exciting, creative, challenging, inspiring and motivating. Everyone feels included and valued. Teachers are encouraged to be spontaneous and create meaningful lessons focused on the now. We place a high value on enhancing pupil leadership and management skills therefore responsibility is taught alongside accountability and the children are involved in decision-making. Lessons are taught in learning areas that are not confined by boundaries or weather. We are proud of our learning environment and it is kept fresh, clean and stimulating to enhance our children’s learning.

ICT is integrated into our curriculum to enrich the learning experience of our children. Applications are deliberately chosen to provide focused learning opportunities linked to the real world and staff receive regular training on reliable and robust computer systems. We are involved in helping to educate the wider community in issues of digital citizenship and we work within clear guidelines when raising awareness of Internet safety. Children are taught to use social and communication networks confidently and responsibly. They navigate safely around the Internet and make informed decisions whilst blocked sites and filters are kept to a minimum.

Our school community is not overloaded with constant formal assessment. We make time to talk to each other honestly and provide helpful, positive feedback which nurtures self-esteem and brings us together as learners.

School Values

Our School Values are Honesty, Caring, Respect, Happiness, Fairness, Inspiration and Success. Assembly once a week celebrates one of these values. At school, we model values to the children in lessons and during the day to show expectations of behaviour within our school family. During the week, children who have demonstrated these values have their names entered into the Appreciation Book. This is then shared during Friday’s Success Assembly. Please ask the children about what they are doing at school to learn about these values. We display the values around school and in classrooms to remind the staff and children and to promote positive relationships. We have been concentrating on the value of Respect in particular this year as we have joined together with St. Thomas' as Meadow Campus. We designed a poster to show how our heads, hands and feet can demonstrate respect to each other around the school.

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