Scoill Vallajeelt

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The Manx Whale & Dolphin Watch came to school on Thursday 31st January to present an assembly on the marine animals that we can see off the coats of the Isle of Man.
It was a very engaging and interactive look at cetaceans, seals and basking sharks and how to tell the different species apart. The children were encouraged to spot the difference by looking at head shape, fin shape, scarring and colour. Also, the children learned how dolphins and whales communicate, hunt and socialise. In the hall, the children measured out the different species using a 30 metre tape. The presentation finished with tips on how to go out spotting for yourselves and good places to look. The children had opportunities to ask questions at the end. Jen brought with her lots of props to help the children learn and visualise the different creatures including Perkyn the porpoise!