Scoill Vallajeelt

"We are a learning community, working together to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment.
 Our learning journey will be creative, challenging and personalised...
 to be the best we can."

Hello from Abernant Lake!

Well, I can't believe that our week in the sun is over.
We have had lots of highs and some challenging times but most of all lots of fun.
The children have behaved IMPECCABLY: organised themselves, embraced the unknown and even PACKED their own suitcases!!
We have conquered fears and risen to our own individual challenges from overcoming homesickness, challenging fears of heights and embracing the muck and the mess.

I hope they come home raving about everything they have done.
We are ridiculously proud of every single child and I know you will be too.
Best class EVER and a true credit to their parents and their school.

Mrs. Dixon (very emotional!), Mrs. Asbridge (very exhausted) & Mrs. Brew (Very disheveled!)

See you in the Sea Terminal in a few hours!