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Welcome to Y5/6D Class Page

Week beginning 27th June 2022

This week, Year Five had fun carrying out a science investigation to find out which chocolate bars float in water. We discovered that the amount of air pockets in each chocolate bar affects whether it will float.



In maths, we’ve used out measuring and problem solving skills to find the perimeter of different shapes.


In literacy, we have been learning all about the history of Lego and created our own timelines to show how Lego has changed.


Week beginning 9th May 2022

A group of Year 4, 5 and 6 children went down to the NSC to watch a netball match between Ireland and UAE in the Europe Open Netball Challenge. They even got to meet one of the Ireland players after the game!



Cycling proficiency-Level 1 on the playground and Level 2 on the roads.


Numeracy – We’ve been revising all of the topics we’ve done this year to make sure we totally understand.


Starting to take photos to contribute towards our Year Book



Week beginning 28th March 2022

Working out our “Setting Toolkit” – things we can use in our writing to write a good setting description. We found lots of ideas written out on papers in the Meadow Hall and then as a group decided whether it would help us write a good setting or not. Our next task was then to find the setting toolkit in our model text from Kensuke's Kingdom.



In Science we are learning about the parts of a flower and how it reproduces. We dissected a lily to try and find then the different parts of the flower.



Week beginning 14th March 2022

We have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom and learning about where Michael and his family have been on their epic trip around the world. After finding the places on a map, we wrote postcards as if we were Michael to his best mate Eddie.


Year 5/6D and T went out for a game of “Panna” on Friday afternoon. Children played on the field in glorious sunshine in teams of 4 – such a lovely way to finish a hard working week!



5/6 D were learning about contour lines and topographic maps as a way of showing mountains on a map. We made our own mountains from plasticine and sliced them, before drawing round each piece to show our topo map. The results were really good!