Scoill Vallajeelt

"We are a learning community, working together to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment.
 Our learning journey will be creative, challenging and personalised...
 to be the best we can."

Welcome to Year 5!


Sam from Isle of Man Cricket worked with us on Tuesday morning to help us improve our batting, bowling and fielding skills. We also enjoyed a few games of quick cricket at the end of the session.


Year Five have had a fantastic week learning how to cycle safely on the road with the Road Safety Team.


Year Five have worked hard on their 'Defeating the Monster' tales this week. We enjoyed 'terrifying' each other with them!


There were some truly fantastic costumes for World Book Day on Thursday! Choosing only one winner was a real challenge for Mrs Thorpe.


We were lucky to have a visitor (Adrian Walters from Young Engineers) this week who taught us how to make a Lego crane. This helped us to learn all about The Level Principle and see it in action. The children were extremely patient and careful when making their models.


This term, Year Five have been doing SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environment) sessions once a week. Each group had some fantastic ideas and thoughts in answer to the question 'What will the Isle of Man be like in the future?'


We've been working hard in maths this week to become secure in using different written methods for multiplication. We have also been learning about what video games were like in the 1990s as part of our topic on computers.


This week, Mr Rout-Moore came into our class to show us how to use Scratch, an app that teaches children how to code. We enjoyed our first session of 'playing around' to get used to using the app and we're looking forward to having another session next week.


We have finished off our science work on forces this week in Year Five. We carried out an investigation to find our how well a ten pence coin travelled on difference surfaces. We found that rougher surfaces created more friction and stopped the coin from going further.


Year 5 have hit the ground running after two weeks off and have worked really hard this week. In science, we tested our parachutes as part of our investigation into how the size of a parachute affects how long it takes to reach the ground.

In literacy, we have been using drama to help us remember the key events in a chapter from Letters from the Lighthouse.


It's been a really busy week with various Christmas rehearsals! We have however found the time to make some Christmas cards in class.


We've been working really hard to become more fluent with out times tables over the last couple of weeks. One of the ways we are practising them is through playing multiplication board games.

In RSE, we have been learning about the difference between being unkind, bullying, cyber-bullying and being a bystander.


On Wednesday, we had a fantastic '90s Day' to celebrate thirty years of Scoill Vallajeelt. We enjoyed sharing all of our learning about 1992 with everyone in our class assembly, dressing up in 90s clothes and taking part in a 90s quiz.


Our fantastic Forest School sessions have now come to an end. One of our sessions took place at Lester's Yard in Ballaughton Park.


In maths, we have been working in groups to investigate prime numbers.


In science, we were tasked with finding different examples of forces (a push, a pull, or a twist) around the school.


In Manx, we played board games to help us learn the days of the week and different times of day. It was so much fun!


Year Five enjoyed a hot chocolate in the new outdoor learning cabin as an end of term treat. We've worked really hard in our first half term!


On Monday, we had our first Forest School session. We had so much fun exploring, den building and even sawing off bits of wood to make our own necklaces. Our next trip to Forest School will be after half term on Monday 31st October.


This week, Year Five carried out an investigation into which materials around the classroom would be suitable to make blackout blinds like the ones used during The Blitz in WWII. We found that opaque materials which were dark and thick were more likely to stop light getting through.



We had an absolutely amazing time at STEMfest at the Villa Marina on Tuesday. The children were impeccably behaved and really enjoyed taking part in lots of hands on STEM activities. Some of our favourite activities included playing on VR headsets, building a real suspension bridge and making and racing our own boats out of plastic bottles.




Well done to our Year Five school council representatives who took part in a sponsored beach clean at Douglas Beach on Thursday. Some of the more interesting litter we found included a plastic fish and a car key!




This week, we have been working hard to secure our understanding of place value with six and seven digit numbers.


We were lucky enough to have a visitor this week. As part of Manx Litfest, Debbie came in and did a Haiku writing workshop with us.




We have had such a positive first full week in Year Five and have got well and truly stuck in with our learning!

In literacy, we have been learning an extract from Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. The story is set in London during The Blitz and we have been using actions to help us remember the words.


We have started our weekly yoga sessions which take place on a Thursday.


Twenty Year Five and Six girls have signed up to lunchtime football club this term! We had a fun-filled first session this week.